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Da Ratchets' Weave Store was a Skype group created by a group of online friends in early December, 2014. The group has since then been selling greasy, poorly made synthetic weaves and wigs to the residents of the ghettos of Detroit. The original Skype group's run lasted until late 2016, when the group decided to relocate to a better location to sell weaves. Unfortunately, some of the members fell ill, and were unable to continue selling the weaves across the United States of America. Da Ratchets' fell silent, and was then disbanded.

In Mid 2018, the original group banded together and created a Discord group. Although the group had retired from selling poorly made synthetic wigs and weaves across the country, the group has continued to contribute to society by obsessively discussing any topic they choose. The bond of friendship was strong, but the presence of depression gayness and utter depravity was even stronger.

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